2017-11-12 SAFOZI Cloud Stack Release 5.5

1.   OVA import and Cloud Servers creation from OVA templates.

You can import OVA (open virtual appliance) into the SAFOZI Cloud and create servers based from OVA templates. It helps by migrating environments from older IT infrastructures.

2.    rDNS zone and PTR records creation.

Complete your DNS configuration with the PTR records so that your emails are not handled as spams.

3.    SDN – Software Defined Network

Added software defined network (SDN) capability to SAFOZI, which allows you to offer a broad range of networking services and create more flexibility. SAFOZI introduces network IP nets. A network can include several IP nets which are IP ranges with a default gateway.

4.    New DCs

For your special needs and to be closer to the customers, we added DCs so that you can create servers from. Following is the full cities’ list: (More to come depending upon customer needs)

  • Tunisia: Tunis (Kasbah) – OLD
  • France: Paris – OLD
  • Netherland: Amsterdam and Alblasserdam – NEW
  • UK: London – NEW
  • Nigeria: Lagos – NEW
  • Australia: Melbourne – NEW
  • USA: Miami – NEW

5.    Cloud Server Management Improvements

It’s possible to migrate your server between the listed DCs depending upon customer needs.

6.    CDN Acceleration – Content Delivery Network

It’s possible to accelerate automatically the content of server from the DCs listed above through a network of 170+ Points of Presence.